Soon Lock & Chia Yee Wedding Reception

I did Soon Lock & Chia Yee's wedding reception shoot at Holiday Inn Hotel, Malacca last week. Juz to share some of the shots taken on that day.

Wishing Soon Lock & Chia Yee a wonderful life together!

Photoset: Soon Lock & Chia Yee Wedding Reception

Pets Portrait Shots

This is my first photography outing of year 2010. We went out to take pets portraits and our model was Marney, a friendly and energetic dog. I personally like the 3rd photo the most (click to view it big and see the impact :-D).

Do view the photoset for more photos.

Photoset: Pets Portrait Shots

Magnum Live 2010 Countdown Party

The last day of the year 2009, Penang Queensbay Mall hosted the Magnum Live 2010 Queensbay Mall Countdown Party. The party started from 7pm till midnight.

The party kicked off with local cultural Malay, Chinese and Indian dance performances. Then, it rocked everyone with live music performances + live band by one of the biggest acts Taiwanese super stars, Power Station & TANK with Malaysian artistes collaboration such as Manhand, Eric Lin Jian Hui, Vinz Lin, Katherine Chan, Candy Cheah, Pei Jie, Jo Jo, Julio and MyStarz LG winners, Wana & Nashrin.

At the end of the night, we're counting down for an exciting close to year 2009 and welcoming the new year 2010 with a 5-minute firework display.

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!!

Stage Performances

Photoset: Magnum Live 2010 Countdown Party