Penang Bridge Nightscape

One of the reasons I like to shoot nightscape photos is that I do not need to rush & sharply observe to capture the moment that last for one or two seconds as in an event or wedding reception.

Taking nightscape shots is like going fishing. You need to be patient, relax, clear your mind, get some ideas, walk here, walk there & locate the best place or angle to get the best composition. Then, set up your camera on tripod, release shutter... "click"..., wait for a few seconds, sit back & enjoy your drink or a few puffs of Marlboro Menthol, then done! You can review the result and try another few shots until you satisfy with it.

Besides that, you can do experiment with your camera settings to see the effects of applying different aperture & shutter speed to your photos especially on lights & water stream.

Last few weeks, I went to the Penang Bridge for some nightscape shots after a busy day in the office. Here are some of the shots taken.

Photoset: Penang Bridge Nightscape

Sigi's Latino Fiesta

I was invited together with a few fellow floggers to the Latino Fiesta Beach Party at Golden Sands Resort. We enjoyed the food, wine, Latin-themed cocktails as well as the stage performances throughout the night.

Here are some of the photos taken during the event.

Photoset: Sigi's Latino Fiesta