Permatang Damar Laut Beach

Last Sunday, Kai Chieh, Aegie, Yoke Leng and I went to a beach near Permatang Damar Laut for a short break before dinner. I snapped a few photos...

Photoset: Permatang Damar Laut Beach

Teochew Opera

Teochew opera, a regional opera form in Southeastern China, has a long history of over 500 years. Evolved as a genre with distinctive characteristics in the mid-Ming Dynasty, Teochew opera has a repertoire that can be traced to the classics of the Nan Xi, Southern drama, a regional opera that was popular during the 1230s and 1460s in Southern China.

Like other cultural practices of the immigrants, Teochew opera traveled with our ancestors to Malaysia at the turn of the last century. Yesterday, I visited a temple and got the opportunity to take some photos of the Teochew Opera performance.

Photoset: Teochew Opera

Happy Mooncake Festival

I just came back from the Lantern Festival held at Esplande. I didn't bring my camera this time coz the weather was not so good, it's raining. Anyway, I really enjoyed the stage performance throughout the whole event especially the Chinese 24 Drum performance.

Valerie did bring her camera there and got some great shots from the event. After the event, I borrowed her Nikon D60 and snapped a portrait.

Happy Mooncake Festival, everyone!!