Kopi Cine

Kopi Cine @ Stewart Lane, George Town... a fun simple Café with an all day & night menu. The concept is to blend the old style Penang coffees with the latest Italian styles...

Photoset: Kopi Cine

Sigi's Bar & Grill Opening Ceremony

On 10 March 2010, we're invited by Golden Sands Resort to the official opening of its Sigi's Bar & Grill Restaurant. Juz to share a few photos taken at that night in this post. We really enjoyed the event. Thanks Aimee from Golden Sands for inviting us to this great opening event! :-D

All photos at that night are taken with FoodPromotion's Nikon D3000 + kit lens at ISO 1600.

By the way, below are some of the photos taken during our food review conducted a week before the official opening with my camera.

Photoset: Sigi's Bar & Grill Opening Ceremony